individual-page-imageIndividual Counselling

Are you feeling overwhelmed and alone?

Do you find yourself thinking about your past way too often?

Are you struggling with anxiety to the point that you spend more time figuring out how to do – or avoid doing something – than actually doing it?

Are you surprised by your own outbursts of anger?Do you often worry what will happen to you or your loved ones?

Have you diagnosed yourself with clinical depression after checking it out on the internet?

It could be about painful childhood memories, about not being able to find (or to connect with) your life partner, about grieving not having a child or worrying about your children, or about losing a parent to dementia. Sometimes it is more than one…

Each person is unique. In a warm, respectful and accepting atmosphere, we will work together and find the strengths and skills that you already have and expand them to create positive change and healing in your life.