At some point in their relationship most couples face an obstacle that can feel overwhelming. It could be about not knowing how to communicate once the children have moved out  or about having a hard time conceiving children;  about different priorities; about  infidelities or issues with extended family or just about the stress of life and how you deal with it within the couple relationship.

My role is to listen to both partners and understand both points of view. Together, we will explore how you communicate about the challenges that you are facing: do you withdraw, blame the other person or pretend to agree just to avoid another argument. We will figure out where the relationship is stuck and how you can make a positive change in your communication pattern, so you can start to rebuild trust and create shared goals for your future.

Sometimes not both partners are interested in counselling. If you are tired of waiting for your partner to change his or her mind, we can still talk about you and your relationship. We will draw on your resilience and creativity and explore new ways of communicating with your partner, thus creating space for a relationship change.

Please remember that the work you do on your relationship with your partner has a positive effect on the whole family.