Yoga for Stress, Healing, and Resiliency


Written by:

Stephenie Farrell, DSHom.,Med.,Hons, EFTi
Empowerment Coach


What is resiliency? Resiliency is the ability to overcome grief, adversity,
painful experiences, and the stress of everyday life. When you build
resiliency, you can “bounce back” stronger and then before. Yoga can help
you manage your internal reactions to stress, heal past painful experiences,
and help you build more resiliency.

What happens when you’re stressed? The stress response is a genetically
hard-wired warning system designed to alert you to an external threat to
your physical survival. This primitive, yet incredibly complex response
prepares the body to “fight” “flee” or “freeze” from present danger.
Chronic stress can lead to insomnia, tension in your neck, shoulders, and low
back, feelings of confusion, panic, poor concentration, and serious

Yoga helps “reset” your nervous system, reconnect you with your body, and
enables you to regain a sense of control. When you practice yoga, you learn
how to help manage and change your internal reactions to external events
so you can experience life in a whole different way. In my private sessions,
we focus on physical postures, breathing, and meditations to center, ground,
and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. I give you tools to use in
everyday life when you’re off the mat and out in the everyday world. No
yoga experience is necessary, and these sessions are helpful not only for
anyone struggling with anxiety, grief, and depression, but also recommended
for first responders, caregivers, nurses, medical professionals, and those
who work or live in high-stress environments.

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6 Week series, starting September 21, 1:15-2:30pm

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